Date Mtg. No. Details Stage
28-JUL-17197DOWN ROYAL DeclarationsRider Info...Ballot Status Rpt...
28-JUL-17198WEXFORD DeclarationsRider Info...Ballot Status Rpt...
29-JUL-17199CURRAGH DeclarationsRider Info...
31-JUL-17200GALWAY Weights
01-AUG-17201GALWAY Weights
02-AUG-17202GALWAY Weights
03-AUG-17203GALWAY Weights
04-AUG-17204GALWAY Weights
06-AUG-17206GALWAY Weights
08-AUG-17209CORK Forfeits
10-AUG-17213LEOPARDSTOWN Forfeits
13-AUG-17216CURRAGH Forfeits
17-AUG-17220LEOPARDSTOWN Forfeits
19-AUG-17225CURRAGH Forfeits
20-AUG-17226CURRAGH Forfeits
27-AUG-17235CURRAGH Weights
31-AUG-17240TIPPERARY Weights
09-SEP-17250LEOPARDSTOWN Weights
10-SEP-17251CURRAGH Weights
* Ratings correct as of time of going to print.
** Once available, Rider Information will be updated every 3 minutes until nomination of riders close.